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Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Christmas is coming up and you still don't know what to give? If you haven't started shopping for your gifts yet and need some inspiration, we have a list of suggestions that might help. Nowadays, any gift with a technological character makes life easier for everyone, both in wasted time and effort and for that reason it is always a great gift.

The following suggestions will be the best Christmas gifts you can offer this year to your family members, friends or even to you if you have a pool in your home.

You can offer any of these gadgets to yourself and benefit your entire family and friends who enjoy your pool. And with just one well thought out gift you will have "gifts for the whole family".

With a smart pool, apart from the time and value in maintenance you save, you will have no more worries and can control the pool via your smartphone.


A heat pump for the pool is an idea with benefit for the whole family and friends. So the pool will stay warm all year round and you can enjoy it for a longer period, for example from March to October.
We have selected the Comfort Line by Ecopool which stands out for its great energy saving and ecological and superior performance to more conventional pumps. One extra of this heat pump: super quiet!

This Christmas, take the initiative to buy an automatic hoover. It does all the necessary work and ensures your pool is always clean and ready for diving. Having a pool robot simplifies the process and you can count on effective cleaning without getting tired. It's a great gift for everyone.
Suggested the Robot E25 from Maytronics, effective at cleaning bottoms and walls, easy to use and great value for money.

Hydraulic hoovers make a great gift to save time, effort and improve everyday life. We suggest the MX8 model from Zodiac with integrated X-Drive technology and ideal for all pool types.

The benefits of having a salt pool outweigh its trendiness. Salt electrolysis benefits your health and everyone else's and the well-being of those who suffer the most from skin and eye irritations from chlorine pools. It is also a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. They can also count on much lower maintenance and cost.

Offer your family or friends salt electrolysis NEOSAL from Sugar Valley and enjoy this healthier option.

And for that friend fascinated by home automation and anything involving technology, we suggest the Blue Connect Go by Blueriiot with integrated Sigfox technology. Blue Connect analyses by Bluetooth with maximum precision pool parameters such as water temperature, pH and ORP/Redox and receives the results in real time. In addition, the app provides personalised advice for caring for the water in your pool or spa.

And since our suggestions are not restricted only to those who already have a pool, we bring you the best gift you can give your family: Pacific Galvanized Steel Pool that is easy to install and assemble. This kind of gift will delight everyone, regardless of ages. With the ''Pool in a Box'' concept the entire steel frame, walls, blue liner, skimmer and accessories are included. Look no further, this is the most memorable gift you can give.