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Technical Manual Pool - Get your own!

The pools require care and maintenance to preserve and maintain their perfect condition Filmography p. >

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Print the manual, plasticize and place it near your pool. Filmography
In this way the Pool Guide will help you whenever you need.

In this Technical Manual will find all the information about Continuous Maintenance in Winter pool maintenance, better understand the Local Technical House of the Machines, all its components and functions. All the Instructions for Use of Chlorine and pH test kit, Alternative treatment methods and even what chemicals to treat your pool and corresponding precautions. Filmography This manual also contains all the solutions to help you solve more problems Frequently.

Manual summary Filmography All issues and processes are developed in the Technical Manual for Pool.

Users of the pool and climatic factors will introduce in the water pool microorganisms and contaminants that can harm users and result in damage both within the pool as in your installation.
With the help of filtration system eliminates much of the dirt previously introduced, but the development of bacteria, algae and viruses, can only be eliminated with the correct disinfection. Thus, the filtration should be performed 1 time per day. Filmography can check the base schema FILTRATION SYSTEM presented a pool in the image below.
 general scheme pool
1 - circulation (WHIRLPOOL)
to dissolve the water treatment tablets and algicides . In this position the unfiltered water is circulated directly to the nozzles
typically filter the pool water. In this position water enters the upper nozzle filter, the sand is filtered out and the lower nozzle to the injection nozzles
. 3 - Wash (BACKWASH) To
when there is saturation of the sand, the duration wash is about 5 minutes. In this position water enters the filter bottom nozzle cleaning is done and out the nozzle upper sewer
. 4 - RINSE (Rinse) To
after washing, the rinsing time is about 30 seconds. In this position the water enters the upper nozzle is made rinsing and out the lower nozzle directly into the sewer
To knock out the pool. In this position the water is not filtered flows directly into the sewer
For any maintenance of the filter. In this position the pump must never work
CHEMICAL PRODUCTS FOR WATER TREATMENT - Page 2 | The products needed to treat your pool water are:. < BR> • pH pH more or less
• starch which can be chlorine, bromine, multiacção tablets, oxygen
• Additives:. flocculant, anti-algae (algicides)
pH < / strong> Filmography the pH is a very important factor as it influences the disinfecting action, the comfort of bathers and the state of the installation of your pool.
The pH indicates the degree of acidity or alkalinity of the water. The pool should keep it adjusted between the values ​​of 7.2 to 7.6 ppm
When finished bathing season and the temperature of the pool water is less than 15 ° C, may be held to "wintering" of the pool, and so prevent water degrade during the winter. Therefore, please do the following: 1
. Turn off the engine;
2. Thoroughly clean the pool, brushing the walls and making an aspiration of the fund;
3. Making a shock chlorination, adding chlorine powder (Trichloro) in the amount of 10 g / m3 of pool water;
4. Analyze the pH of the water and make the necessary adjustments to pH between 7.2 and 7.6 ppm;
5. Placing the filtration system in continuous operation in the MANUAL position for 24 hours;
6. The next day, put the Invernador in water (0,5lt / 10m3 of water) directly over the pool;
7. Recirculate for 4 hours in order to obtain perfect distribution of the product: Portuguese • Stop the engine;
• Open the valves skimmer, and RETURN BACKGROUND drain;
• Placing the valve function in position recirculate;
• Start the engine in MANUAL
8.. The next day, make cleaning the filter
Chemicals Water Values ​​- Page 9

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