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How to have a pool in perfect condition? . How to treat a swimming pool easily?

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How to treat the pool simply? Strong> Filmography It is important to keep in mind que for a swimming pool to be in good condition we have to guarantee a good physical and chemical treatment of the water .
Physical Treatment? Filmography The filtration system is essential to be working at this time of the year, where the pool is used extensively, keep in perfect condition, the sand to be cleaned weekly or fortnightly, have the filtration system running from 12 to 14 hours daily, the regular cleaning of the swimming pool, BOTH surface and bottom debris.
the cleaning of the pool shouldnt be done weekly, and we recommend the use of an automatic and electric vacuum cleaner ....
Electric Vacuum Cleaner (ROBOT) H3 H5 H7 Duo Hurricane
Chemical Treatment? There are
Several chemical parameters in the water, but we must ENSURE que the main ones are in perfect condition.
to measure the water parameters we must use the meter from That brand are credible to the data is reliable, I suggest the scoring of que These are simple but complete:
5 in 1 meter / Analyzer (chlorine, pH, alkalinity, stabilizer (cyanuric acid), Solid rate < br>
pH - pH What is
The pH (potential hydrogen) Allows to identify the "health" of the pool water?. The water can be / be acidic or basic.
The pH value measurement scale compreende the values ​​from 1 to 14. If it is higher than 7 it Corresponds to basic water and if it is lower than 7 it Indicates acidic water, with pH 7 being equivalent to neutral water.
the pool's pH Should be checked regularly (once a week in high season). Its measurement is the first step in the treatment water and the most important since, the pH misadjusted does not allow the disinfectant to start working.
What happens if the pH is too high
After you have done The tests to identify the alkalinity and pH values ​​it is time to check the results and evaluate the quality of your pool water. . If the result has a pH value well above the average Considered (above 7.4) it is important to take some precautions
The highlighted, among the effects of high pH in the pool are:
water turbidity;
formation of crusts on the walls of the pool and pipes (Which Facilitates the transport of lead, Which is very harmful to our health);
higher maintenance cost, since more must be used products;
loss of chlorine bactericide efficacy. Filmography For bathers, the effects stand out more on the skin and hair surface. In the first case, the most common symptom is itching everywhere - Which can be mild or moderate, making bathers uncomfortable
In addition, dry and damaged hair can be a problem Also When the water has a high pH.. And the eyes, finally, that are irritable When this imbalance Occurs in the ideal values ​​of water
Ph (minus PH) -. Solid
What happens if the pH is too low
If the water has a pH below 7.0, after the tests, it is ideal for use below. Among the main effects for the pool, we can highlight the more corrosive action of the water que quickly damages the metallic components of the pool.
For pool users, in turn, the consequências do not differ so much from When the pH is above the ideal parameters, Which can cause:
mucosal and eye irritation;
itches on the skin, hair dry and hard Filmography Filmography Therefore, taking care of the pool's alkalinity. and pH is an issue That Involves more savings for you, health attractions for bathers and leisure area for your coveted!
+ CTX-20 pH (pH plus) Solid

One of the main sources of water contamination in swimming pools is attributed to bathers (through skin, saliva and excretion of feces).
The disinfectant must produce two effects simultaneously:. Residual bactericide and Oxidizing effect
Some chemicals can have BOTH effects (disinfectant and oxidizer), others can have a bactericidal effect for a period short and quickly dissipate in the water, leaving the pool water without protection from the residual effect of the disinfectant.
How do I know Which disinfectant is ideal for my pool?
Chlorine Chlorine treatment is treatment Filmography by far the most used because it has Numerous advantages for the pool:
Excellent antibacterial and algaecide;
Simple use;
Lower cost cleaning and disinfection Filmography However, it can have negative effects.:
Irritation of sensitive skin and eyes;.
Nauseating smells, sometimes very unpleasant (in case of incorrect use)
Chlorine can be fast (or Shock dichloride) for an initial treatment, or it can b slow chlorine (or trichlorine maintenance)
Then There is chlorine in tablets Granules or powder.
CTX-392 Tablets 250g Multiaction
chlorine Grain (Granulated)
Filmography ASTRAL-250 Chlorine shock tablets 20gr

Bromine treatment
Less widespread, bromine Also Provides a high-performance treatment of pool water. It has Numerous advantages:
Excellent alternative for people sensitive to chlorine;
Unlike chlorine, it is odorless and soft
Excellent disinfectant and oxidizing properties;
Effective action even in case of water temperature variation;
residual disinfection power:. disinfects water makes water and disinfectant
However, bromine is more expensive than chlorine
CTX-130 Bromine 20g tablets
. Salt electrolysis electrolysis treatment
Allows chemical reactions to be carried October thanks to an electrical activation. The fresh water in the pool passes through an electrolyser with salt, Which is converted into chlorine. The chlorine Obtained in this way destroys bacteria in the water. Then, the two elements are Transformed into salt to return to the pool water
It has Numerous advantages in terms of conserving the swimming pool:
Effective, economical and ecological treatment;
. Pure and natural chlorine: no allergic reactions or irritations;
Automatic treatment:. After salting, the water is treated by itself;
Very low cost of treatment, Despite the large initial investment
Salt Electrolysis EI2
Filmography Special refined salt and centrifuged for swimming pools (Dead Sea - Israel)
alkalinity Filmography How to know if the water alkalinity is ideal Alkalinity and pH are closely related, since the former can be defined the ability to neutralize the acids in water, Which helps to maintain a stable pH. However, Unlike pH - Which tells you Whether the pool water is acidic, neutral or alkaline (do not confuse with alkalinity) - alkalinity is associated with the set of mineral salts present in the water, Which may be left over (high) or missing (low).
Thus, When alkalinity is out of adjustment, it hinders the pH correction process, making it Necessary to use the large amount of this product to make repair. And this type of waste only makes it more costly to maintain your leisure area
Alkalinity Enhancer (ALKA +) -. Solid
PM-642 TA (alkalinity ALKA- LOW) p >