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NEW PRODUCTS 2021 | ioT-Pool

We present you the new 2021 our online store!
Robot Electric, spas, pools, salt electrolysis, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, Skimmers, Ladder, Shower , among others. Get to know the new products of the brands Astralpool, Davey, Hayward, SCP and Zodiac.

SPA acrylic of the highest quality, comfortably accommodates 5 people and has a comfortable and safe entry . Can be used in private spaces, fitness clubs, hotels and wellness centers.
 vacuum great power that incorporates cyclonic suction technology to keep the waste in suspension. Has new patented brushes helical and double traction motor. The clear cover and upper filter access facilitate daily use.

 New heat pump with reverse design for greater reliability . Ability to use the App iAqualink to control the equipment remotely. . Mode indicator on the front for a quick check of the operating state (heat / cold / error) and the compressor speed
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pools in galvanized steel, in gray. Concept '' Pool in a Box. '' - it is included all the steel structure, the walls, the blue liner, the skimmer and return standard accessories p >

SALT electrolysis - PROMATIC
Ideal for disinfection of residential pools, commercial reliable saltwater chlorinator Davey ProMatic allows you to maximize the value and benefit from their pool. < br> CLEANER ELECTRIC - AquaVac
The AquaVac 6 Series cleaning robots not only maintain clean pool - also save time. To remove debris, simply tightening the quick release lock, while observing the cleaning chamber empties automatically and then rinsing
hEAT pUMP Z950
New heat pump with anodized aluminum body. Compatible with Fluidra Connect / Modbus to be able to control the equipment remotely. It has 5 different power levels from 30 kW to 110 kW.
has gate, incorporating door height adjuster cover, basket and 2 cartridge filters. Connection 32 mm for top access, the connections 63 mm at the bottom and 50 mm on the sides. The lateral connections are connected to suction nozzles.

EasyColor cover lets you easily change the color (anthracite gray , light gray or tan) of the skimmer. Can be installed without changing the mouth of the skimmer, which is very practical to renew or update pools.

AUTO selector valve

 automatic selector valve with better performance: the switch is replaced by an analog pressure sensor. Installation, programming and simple configuration. It has no metal parts to prevent corrosion.