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Pools of Zeus and Gaia Plate Panel: Buried or surface, coating, installation and Durability

I would like to have a pool at home? Meet the new trend of pools: Pool galvanized steel or also known as sheet metal panel. Steel pools as well as easier installation and fast, are a more affordable solution. Filmography Discover everything in this blog about the installation, durability advantages, which the most suitable coating and is preferred to bury the pool or leave the surface. Filmography
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Filmography What is a steel pool? Filmography

First of all, you must understand what a galvanized steel pool. This material is an alloy mainly composed of iron and carbon. As the steel is a material that is easily handled, various forms may be conceived. It is a flexible material, but robust and thus the steel is essential for longer lasting buildings. In addition, steel is a lightweight material easily transported and simplifying installation. The steel pool is an ideal technique so that you can assemble in a few days and with a small team.
This technology is fast, safe and economical
There are information that proves the steel pool reached its recognition. Indeed, the Olympic swimming pool of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, was equipped with modular steel panels. The arguments for this choice are already known to all: product reliability, speed of design and durability of the material Filmography
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What is the durability of a steel pool? Strong>

The length of a steel pool is directly related to its quality and treatment and maintenance adopting. Filmography IOT-Pool provides a 25 year warranty on the structure and 15 years on the liner. This being digressive guarantee of 10% per year. Filmography The technique of our REDPOOL supplier combines the strength of steel and the strength of the concrete, with the elasticity and tightness of the liner. Strong>
full panel structure in steel STEELPANEL
. These panels 2mm thick, STEELPANEL is a galvanized steel coated on both sides with a composition of zinc-aluminum and magnesium
This metallization process is rather complex, consisting of fully immerse the material in a bath of pure zinc hot. This technique allows a perfect resistance to corrosive effects of time and changes from outside such as moisture and salinity. Galvanizing can be combined with the addition of a layer of PVC to strengthen the protection of the material
As optional, there is the possibility of applying two types of finish: Liner 75/100 and 150/100 Screen Filmography strong. >

Swimming to the surface or buried pool?
Pool at Filmography surface
One of the key questions for anyone wishing to have a steel pool is is compensated bury or leave the pool surface. The galvanized steel pools are usually installed quickly with the addition of the panels.
The impermeability of the pool is ensured thanks to the liner. The unique and patented technology pools Zeus and Gaia are designed for quick and easy installation to install any type of terrain, for example on the terrace or garden. The important thing is there is a considerable slope.
Do you want the pool to be mounted in the form of kit or by a professional team, its installation was thought to be simply mounted in a few days. A model with milestones is provided to place the pool on the ground and carry out earthworks, and the panels easy to handle and numbered.
Due to its self-supporting structure formed by steel panels dimpled whose thickness is thick, there is no need to undertake fresh concrete castings bottom slab and scrap iron, simply by a simple screed.
buried Pool
On the other hand, the pool can be grounded, remain empty. You can proceed to install the panels in the fall or winter, ground your pool, make adjustments around and just put the liner in good weather.
. Thanks to this new technology, you can assemble autonomously your pool or request help from professional installers
The self-supporting structure consisting of galvanized steel panels, allows for reconstruction and adaptation of the surrounding areas designed during the low season for a placement in water upon arrival of the day summer. Filmography

Filmography Installing a steel pool

. The galvanized steel pools ZEUS and GAIA have a quick installation 3-4 days
A is divided into 6 parts installation: Dig (in the pool case buried), concrete application, placement of panels, surround, Coatings Liner or armed Screen and machine installation.
It is important to inform that all the pools are provided with 1.1 meter high panel however the depth of the pool can be a maximum of 2 meters in background compound or pyramid. Filmography  Filmography 1. Filmography excavation The process of excavation, because of its importance, should be performed consciously Filmography. Under normal conditions is performed in a day. It is estimated a value of 500 € with a local excavation company and if there is direct access to the pool room by machines. Filmography Filmography 2. Filmography concrete application To proceed with the installation you must have a flat concrete base in the peripheral area of ​​the pool with a minimum of 1 m away from the pool area and existing site with a period of higher cure one week. The slab must present a totally smooth finish, free of irregularities with an average thickness of 10 / 15cm. 3
. Fixing of panels Filmography
The steel panels are mounted directly on the bottom slab. . After they are screwed level and plumb
Application of the slab panels with chemical bushing, taking into account the different types of tiles: Photos - Backgrounds , account for more 0,5mt all around the pool, eg pool of 6x3, the slab must have 7x4 Photos - Pyramid background , the periphery of the pool should. be all lined up and down the center of the pool, eg 8x4 pool, the slab must have 9x5 Photos - background Composite at the bottom there are two different levels, with each level and deeper. the other with a level less deep, and the transition should be made with a slope of 1 meter.
4. Placement of the surround
Effected the landfill is carried out to a concrete placing strap surrounds.
The new gutter system boundary is optional and obtains greater speed of execution and greater resistance in support of the border.
5. liner placement or armed Filmography screen Completely designed by computer, without limitation, fits perfectly to any model. In just a few hours the liner / armed screen is installed.
Both the liner and armed Profile screen contain PVC Hung and respective corners to fix the fix, lock ring and still carry Auto Screws spiked. Filmography

Liner coating or armed screen? Strong>

Liner Filmography The liner is a Quick and Simple Solution for which demand has increased in recent years. This coating with a high degree of flexibility and a thickness of 0.5 mm to 1 mm, the liner is shown as a separate PVC pouch.
The liner advantages are flexibility, adaptability to all types pools, durability and has lower costs. Presents an extraordinary resistance to temperature variations in the light and other factors potentially aggressive to the material. Filmography Their average life span is 10 years and the IOT-Pool warranty of 15 years. Respecting some precautions suggested by the manufacturers, they are extremely rare cracks in this material. Filmography The relationship between efficiency and aesthetics, with very competitive installation and maintenance costs make this coating one of the best solutions on the market. Filmography Screen

is a similar coating to the liner, although it has an armed membrane coated with two films of PVC. . Thus, the armed screen is better prepared for special treatments against UV rays and antifungal substances
The application method is very flexible and makes it possible to adapt to any type of pools: steel panels, wood, concrete or coffered .
armed screen is advantageous for total waterproofing and watertightness of the pool, prevents the deposition of algae, fungi or other microorganisms, ensures a water temperature higher than any other traditional coating (approximately 5 ° C). You have freedom of form, as the lightness of the membrane allows you to shape. and also holds freedom to use, since this type of waterproof materials allows equally effective indoor and outdoor pools, new or under renovation.
One of the biggest advantages of armed screen is its high durability may reach 25 years and also offers a variety of colors and motifs. Armed screen is extremely resistant to wear and solution to climate aggressions. Given its ease of maintenance and an inexpensive method of installation, armed screen is an equally economical solution.
Thus, we recommend armed screen because it becomes more advantageous for its durability, quality and the pool food.
6. Connecting Filmography machines
Finally, after last all piping, filtration equipment connection in the engine room is usually made on the day of filling. Filmography